A wedding is a starting point, not a destination. What are the words to say to your beloved on this touching day to start a joint journey with sincerity? Sometimes expressing your feelings in the form of a logical text is more difficult than experiencing them inside yourself. Many people find it difficult to talk about love in public. This is why the bride and groom usually prepare their wedding vows in advance. This can help you overcome your embarrassment and anxiety. Finding out how to write an unforgettable wedding vow.

How to tell about your love: general recommendations

Before you start expressing your feelings and thoughts about your significant other on paper, do not hesitate to look at the ideas of wedding vows. This does not mean that you need to copy someone’s words of love. But once said by others, it will set the right mood and inspire original thoughts. As you begin your oath text, follow these tips:

  1. Think over the sequence of the vow, it should have a beginning, a key moment and a logical ending in which you can make a promise or outline a happy future after the wedding.
  2. Immerse yourself in the memories: what was your first meeting, where the first kiss took place, how you became the bride and groom. Remember what you dreamed about together, why you laughed and even cried over what. Tell a touching or funny story.
  3. Add some candor: if your relationship has a joke, tell it. Or uncover the secret of your bond strength. Draw a verbal portrait of the bride or groom and mention why you love, what you are grateful for, and how he or she inspires you.
  4. Look into the future: tell us about your dreams and goals. Maybe you are about to have an unforgettable honeymoon trip or your first serious joint purchase. Let your loved ones rejoice for you.
  5. Read the prepared oath aloud, get rid of florid phrases and complex sentences. Speak about love simply and in one breath.

Choose a convenient way to express your wedding vow: learn and reproduce or read from a beautiful cheat sheet, which can be prepared by your wedding coordinator . The most important thing is to speak the oath from the heart, this will make it perfect.


Wedding vow ideas

If you find it difficult to find your own words to compose a text that reflects the depth of your feelings, look for ideas in poetry, prose, films and songs. Just find your sources of touching love words or use those that inspire the author of the article.

“Love is when you want to live with someone all four seasons. When you want to run with him from the spring thunderstorm under the lilac covered with flowers, and in the summer to pick berries and swim in the river. In the fall, cook jam together. And seal the windows against the winter cold, ”Ray Bradbury.

“I will lay the fields for the lovers,

Let them sing in dreams and in reality!

I breathe, which means I love!

I love – and that means I live! “, Vladimir Vysotsky.

“Old age cannot protect against love, but love will easily protect against old age”, Coco Chanel.

“Love is an obsession with the person in whom your life is. Going through measured and not falling in love with anyone – not living at all, ”the words of Joe Black from the film“ Meet. Joe Black.

“I vow to tenderly guard our love, speak when words are needed and remain silent when the other way around. I agree to taste carrot cake, live where your heart is good, and consider it my home, ”words by Paige from the movie“ The Oath ”.

“Tenderness takes on appearance and is embodied in an object,” Bella Akhmadulina.

“Through the mystery of a feminine smile

I asked for a kiss “, Alexander Blok.

“If I love a person, I want him to feel better from me – at least a sewn-on button. From the sewn-on button to my whole soul “, Marina Tsvetaeva.

” While you sleep, I look quieter, be careful

If you smile, you see happy

I’m glad, so glad, so happy

And you are very beautiful “, lyrics from the song” Strongly “by Monatik.

Wedding vow of the bride

The bride is the personification of beauty, tenderness and grace. Warm and sincere words of a woman about love will touch to the depths of the soul not only of the groom, but also of all the guests. Be yourself and let your heart speak your vow:

  • tell us how you are pleased with the care of your beloved, how fragile you feel next to him;
  • let him know that you will support any of his decisions and will always be there;
  • describe how you felt when you became a bride;
  • be casual, don’t be afraid to joke and look funny;
  • swear that you are really ready to give: loyalty, care, honesty, trust, friendship and what is important in your story.

For example, you can say: “I am not perfect, but you chose me as your bride, and I will become better, because next to you it cannot be otherwise. I promise to grow and inspire you to grow. Listen without interrupting and speak without hiding. Give and receive love. ”

In her vow, the bride can define love. Alternatively: “Love is a priceless gift. I accept and give it. ”

You can joke, for example: “I will listen to you even if I am very angry.” Or, in a humorous tone, you can give a guarantee not to sew “iron fists” for him, even if you are fond of needlework.

Turning her feelings into text, the bride can use the words of the classics. Beautiful and deep words of Alexandre Dumas: “A woman becomes a full-fledged person only when someone loves her.”

Whatever you are going to say at the most romantic moment of the wedding, do it sincerely, and then your recognition will not be accepted as an idea from the Internet.

Groom’s wedding vow

The man’s words about love excite and do not leave indifferent even those to whom they do not belong. When a restrained, calm, strong, perhaps even brutal groom allows others to look into his heart – this is an unforgettable moment wedding ceremony. Do not treat the exchange of vows as a sign of weakness and express your innermost:

  • surprise your loved one with a little more softness, romance or passion than usual;
  • the bride will expect compliments from you and justifications for your love – give it to her;
  • don’t be banal and don’t say you love her because she’s special, tell us how she literally saved your life once or how you were afraid ask her out on a date so as not to be rejected;
  • tell your love story and why everyone gathered at your wedding that day: describe how you realized that she was the one;
  • add to your oath your own idea that arose in the process of writing the text: be it a joke, a sad story or a little frank hint, this way you will keep your individuality .
  • be honest in your vows, say not only what the bride expects of you, but what you are really ready for. 

So, you can promise to listen to her complaints, even if they are complaints about you. Or organize the same amazing dates after the wedding as in the first months of your relationship.

Alternatively, say something like, “I love you for the way you speak. I promise to listen to you, but I also wish that sometimes we could shut up and enjoy it together. ”

Paul VerletI once wrote: “Love is the only meaning of life. And the meaning of meanings, the meaning of happiness. ” Put your meaning in your love story, and your vow will not leave anyone indifferent.

Ready-made wedding vows

If after sleepless nights you still have not managed to write the text of your ideal vow, use ready-made wedding vows. There is nothing wrong with that, just choose the one that best suits your innermost feelings. Give her personality with your own voice, intonation, facial expressions.

The bride can say: “Darling, before I met you, I did not know what was really behind the word“ love ”. I am grateful to fate for our acquaintance, and to you for teaching me to love and be loved. Thank you for your strength and confidence, because thanks to this I can always count on your support and I know that everything will be fine. I promise to be your inspiration. I will never betray you. Let’s follow together to our infinity. ”

Example of the groom’s oath: “Darling, I am grateful to you for believing in me and becoming my bride. Sometimes, watching you sleep, I can’t believe my happiness. Thank you for your wisdom, because I can always count on your good advice. I swear to be faithful, gentle and caring, to protect you and our future children. I love you and this is forever. ”

By the way, the development of original wedding vows may well be part of the wedding organization services provided to you.

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