The wedding party is a modern alternative to the classic wedding. It does not imply the existence of a rigid scenario, interactives and other options for celebrating, and sometimes even a host. This is a more free and relaxed format of the celebration, that is suitable for both friendly and unfamiliar companies.

The concept of a party is easy to implement while paying great attention to detail, that can make the wedding more soulful, colorful and memorable. Let’s see how the wedding party planned by our wedding agency went.

Wedding party format

Fabian and Maria live in Berlin, but they have decided to plan a wedding party in the bride’s homeland, Ukraine. Their appeal was an interesting challenge for us: we had to discuss and agree on the usual services of planning a wedding using video calls and e-mail. The lovers, like many of their guests, arrived in Ukraine only on the eve of the wedding.

This time we became not just the planners of the party itself, because we had to meet, accommodate and do everything for the comfort of the foreign guests of our couple, many of whom were in Kiev for the first time.

We settled on the format of a wedding party, because many of the guests did not know each other until the day of the event. Moreover, Fabian and Maria did not want to strain their loved ones with contests, toasts and a long feast.

As it turned out this format exceeded expectations, because the wedding day turned out to be easy, fun and relaxed. It all started in the morning of the bride and groom: he went to a stylish barbershop with friends, she and her friends took pictures in a loft-style photo studio.

For this couple we had prepared a unique first meeting on the Kiev funicular. The touched groom could not hold back his tears when he saw his bride.

The wedding ceremony took place in the Lutheran Church. In the courtyard a small buffet was planned for the guests. Then the couple had an elegant urban-style photoshoot, and after they joined the guests at the restaurant.


Wedding party location

Art Prichal was chosen as the main location, being distinguished not only by the exquisite serving of delicious food, but also by the magnificent view of the Dnipro from the open terrace. This choice was especially justified in the evening, when all the lights of Kiev were lit. The party was decorated in an unusual combination of colors: white with black, dark shades of green and gray, and bronze. Black-and-white photographs of Fabian and Maria with their loved ones, placed around the hall, gave an atmospheric decor. The highlight of the evening was an unforgettable fireworks cake.

By the way, there were a lot of photos, because there was a photobooth and all guests could have immediate photos at the wedding party. There was no less entertainment: the lack of a classical program did not prevent the guests from dancing, spending time in different zones, participating in flash mobs and congratulating each other.

Wedding party and planning features

If you are interested in the format of a wedding party, we suggest you to read some of the nuances of planning such a holiday:

  • The best season for a party is warm, when you can comfortably be outdoors.
  • Choose a location that matches the theme of the wedding party. May it be your favorite bar for a rock and roll wedding or a modern museum for a masquerade.
  • An informal celebration doesn’t mean it doesn’t go according to plan: you still need to make time for the ceremony, photo shoot, first dance, and other wedding moments that are important to you.
  • The format allows the guests to feel at ease due to the absence of a strict dress code. Most importantly, do not forget to report this in the invitation. Don’t be afraid to experiment and invite your friends to choose unusual outfits or order T-shirts with inscriptions in the same style for everyone.
  • The invitations themselves can also be original like other wedding attributes: record a video message or send a puzzle to your friends, solving which they will find out the date, time and place of the X event.
  • The absence of the usual interactives can lead to some confusion among the guests, especially at the beginning of the event. Invite a cover band or order an exciting show program that will set the tone for your wedding party.
  • Another effective way to keep guests from getting bored is to plan different areas where you can relax, play, complete tasks and have fun in every possible way.

The democratic format of a wedding party can be a godsend for you and a bright event for your guests. A well-chosen concept and competent wedding planners will not let your celebration turn into an ordinary evening with family and friends.

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